Saturday, June 30, 2007


Just trying out something new, so let me know what ya'll think.


Friday, June 29, 2007

In case that you didn't already know, when I am not doing my art thing, I am working part time as a director for an after school care program. Truthfully, if I wasn't doing art, working with children would probably be the next best thing. The kids keep me feeling young... and old, but that is another blog all together.

At the end of the year, gifts are often bestowed upon myself and my staff. Ideally, I would show my gratitude with a thank you card but this isn't always the case. Life happens and next thing you know, its September and school is starting again.

I still intend on sending out cards this summer, but just in case LIFE happens to me again, I decided to do a preemptive maneuver. I would put forth my appreciation to the very generous parents I work for, on the internet, for all to read.

So in no particular order, I would like to give thanks to the following families...

To the Leeds Family:

Thanks to you, I will NEVER need money to buy a book at Barnes & Noble ever again!

To the Kellog Family:

Thank you for your continuous support and uplifting words!

To the Gardner Family:

You found my soft spot for art and took advantage. Thank you!

To the Nickman Family:

For your daily dose of sunshine! Your gifts have found a comfortable home in my kitchen and will continue to give all-year round!

To the Griffin Family:
Your patience and support are endless!

To the Bowman Family:
For your artistic encouragment, you have my utter gratitude.

To the Scott Family:
Now my wife and I can have a night to ourselves to enjoy at the movies. Thank you!

Lastly, I would like to thank the generosity of the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth grade parents who found it necessary to further recognize the work that I do on a daily basis. I couldn't ask for a more gracious and amazing group of parents to work with!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mark your calenders people...

Family Service Agency of Burbank is having a Silent Art Auction featuring donated artworks from artists like yours truly.

The auction will take place June 30th, in the halls of CARTOON NETWORK Studios. Bidding starts at 6, and ends at 7:30. So if you have money that's just burning a hole in your pocket, why not give it to a charity! If you have any questions, go to:

Thanks for reading and maybe I will see you there!


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tribute to Gaming Consoles of Yesteryear...

When I was younger, my parents refused, nay, forbade my brother and I to watch television during the weekdays let alone... (Audible Gasp) Play video games! So now at that I am older, I have tried to recapture my childhood by collecting all my old favorite NES games. So far I have managed to collect the Classics like Contra, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Burgertime, Double Dribble, TEMCO Bowl, and the ever elusive Super Dodgeball. (Thanks bro!)

Above: A graphic I designed for use on a belt buckle.

Below: The final application of the graphic on a wood inlay belt buckle my wife makes and sells at our site at:


-Whenever I tell people this, they think I am crazy, but its true! I have done it a few times, honest! When I was horsing around and playing SMBros, I thought I would try to kill both Mario and the Boss at the end of the level by timing it so that Big Mario touched both the ax and the boss at the same exact time. The result? Little fire ball throwing Mario! Seriously! After the boss bites it, Big Mario does this thing that looks like skating on one foot all the way to the wannabe princess, all the while constantly blinking. When the next level starts, Big Mario hits a question mark and what shall appear but a MUSHROOM! He then proceeds to shrink after taking the mushroom. Then he gets a flower and can throw fireballs. But when he does, he get big for a split second when he chucks he fireball and then reverts back to shrimpy Mario. This comes in mighty handy in the water stage, but incredibly hard to maintain. Once he gets hit, he goes back to normal.

-I actually read somewhere that there is some sort of secret mode in Duck Hunt that allows the player to actually shoot at the laughing dog. I really have to look into that...

If you get the chance, check out the link below to some guy who converted his old NES controller into an awesome Ipod! Check it out and enjoy!


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Tentacle Skull Thing



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IF: Your Paradise