Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tribute to Gaming Consoles of Yesteryear...

When I was younger, my parents refused, nay, forbade my brother and I to watch television during the weekdays let alone... (Audible Gasp) Play video games! So now at that I am older, I have tried to recapture my childhood by collecting all my old favorite NES games. So far I have managed to collect the Classics like Contra, Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Burgertime, Double Dribble, TEMCO Bowl, and the ever elusive Super Dodgeball. (Thanks bro!)

Above: A graphic I designed for use on a belt buckle.

Below: The final application of the graphic on a wood inlay belt buckle my wife makes and sells at our site at:


-Whenever I tell people this, they think I am crazy, but its true! I have done it a few times, honest! When I was horsing around and playing SMBros, I thought I would try to kill both Mario and the Boss at the end of the level by timing it so that Big Mario touched both the ax and the boss at the same exact time. The result? Little fire ball throwing Mario! Seriously! After the boss bites it, Big Mario does this thing that looks like skating on one foot all the way to the wannabe princess, all the while constantly blinking. When the next level starts, Big Mario hits a question mark and what shall appear but a MUSHROOM! He then proceeds to shrink after taking the mushroom. Then he gets a flower and can throw fireballs. But when he does, he get big for a split second when he chucks he fireball and then reverts back to shrimpy Mario. This comes in mighty handy in the water stage, but incredibly hard to maintain. Once he gets hit, he goes back to normal.

-I actually read somewhere that there is some sort of secret mode in Duck Hunt that allows the player to actually shoot at the laughing dog. I really have to look into that...

If you get the chance, check out the link below to some guy who converted his old NES controller into an awesome Ipod! Check it out and enjoy!



Blogger GhettoFab said...

now thats some pimpin gear! mGreat post. Takes me back to a simpler time......sigh

9:26 PM  
Blogger Chris Battle said...

*SNIFF*...... beautiful!

7:07 PM  

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