Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was commissioned by a Dr. Stephen Frueh, marriage counselor/motivational speaker, to do a book cover for his latest book "From Marginal to Magnificient- How to Make Your Marriage Sing."

We went through several compositions, but they were all variations of the same theme, a couple on stage bowing to a cheering audience. Exactly who is saying "You're welcome" isn't quite so clear. Is it the audience or the couple? Or both?

Anyhow, below is a a more complete picture of the illustration and a the actual jacket of the book itself.

Stephen was a joy to work with am glad to be working with him on another project which is still under wraps. Once that drops, I will make sure to post it up here...

And as a throwback to last week's DrawerGeeks Incredible's topic and Illustration Friday's Strong theme, this is the illustration I created.

As always, this piece is still a work in progress. So for now, enjoy...



Blogger Angela Matteson said...

Nice book cover, and I like your Incredibles piece too!

9:36 AM  

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