Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IF: Impossibility

In case you didn't know, I work with kids. And they simply love to keep me on my toes, creatively that is. I mean, they always ask me to draw the most weirdest things. Which brings me to this little oddity.

It's rare that I get to turn the tables on them, but once in a blue moon the gods smile down on me and present me with a gem of an opportunity.

One child, who we shall call Bella, was pretending to run a tattoo parlor with all the works. She ran the front desk answering phones and taking appointments, she ran the cash register and even did the tattoos herself. Precious, I know.

And when it was my turn, she asks me with pen in hand, "What do you want." I replied with glint in my eye, "A jump-roping ghost." To which she flatly denied saying she couldn't do that. So I compromised. I asked for a ghost with a whip instead. What can I say, piece of cake...




Blogger Maldito Columpio said...

Yea, that is at least... improvable.
(I love your wallpaper background)

8:26 AM  
Blogger Duncan said...

Very funny - like your story and tat' too.

2:49 AM  

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