Friday, July 04, 2008

The Social Compass Loopt T-shirt Commission

Big thanks go out to Shari from Loopt. She approached me a couple of months ago to design a promotional shirt for the new cell phone service company that helps you keep in touch with your friends and/or help you stay in the loop (no pun intended, really) as to all the latest hotspots. Chances are your phone is already supported or will soon be, so check out their site here.

And now onto the shirt. Here were my suggested color schemes...

Since the shirt was supposed to be for the LA crowd, I was leaning towards the Laker colors but the company decided to put the design on a green shirt instead. Below is a picture of the actual shirt.

In case the picture was not clear enough for you, below is the design itself

For those of you that really, really know me, there are three details about myself incorporated into the design. Drop me a line and let me know if you can spot them. Extra brownie points to the person that can spot my name hidden in the design too.

Until next time folks, enjoy!



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