Friday, December 22, 2006

My Crafty X'mas...

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Plastic tree from "Mas Precio Loco"- $0.99
Plastic ornaments- $0.99
Felt cut out- $0.50
Makeshift tree topper out of Target ornament- $2.99
X'mas tree sitting on my window sill for the whole nieghborhood to see- Priceless

Our wreath was actually two garlands we bought on clearance at the local Bed, Bath and Beyond store. (It would have been cheaper if I hadn't pointed out to the cashier that there were two strands as opposed to the one she scanned.) I bent up an old wire hanger and wrapped the garland around it and My wife simply added some ribbon to pull in any stray branches. I have to admit, the project turned out pretty damn good. Enjoy ya'll!


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